Premature Evaluation: The Breeders - Mountain Battles

By theajaysharma

We've already given a few hints about our feelings for Mountain Battles, the Breeders' first album since Title TK. In case you missed it before: We're basically blown away that Kim and Kelly sound so fresh after -- relatively speaking -- so long. Mountain Battles was recorded over a number of years, across locales, and with different producers (Steve Albini, Erika Larson, Manny Nieto), and languages (German, English, Spanish), but it impressively sounds cohesive and whole. We like some songs less or more than others, but there're no duds. Basically, the Deal sisters, along with Title TK players drummer Jose Medeles and bassist Mando Lopez. have returned to form to school any number of indistinguishable indie upstarts. Listen up indistinguishable indie upstarts. - Source