The Radiohead Brief

By shane

Not to come across as your home for all things RADIOHEAD, but the media juggernaut surrounding the band right now is reaching manic levels. Almost every single major music website this morning is spotlighting a story on the band, whether it be:

  • their #1 U.S. album
  • fans upset at Ticketmaster for poorly handling their US gigs (their response: it wasn't poorly handled - the shows simply sold out in under five minutes)
  • reviews of the New York City show yesterday, which are universally favorable (the show not only featured a plethora of unreleased tracks, but also dramatic reworkings of both "Kid A" and earlier tracks - Rolling Stone's reviewer said they "made Kid A songs sound more like OK Computer, and OK Computer songs sound more like Kid A.")

And of course don't forget that the band will be the musical guests on Saturday Night Live this weekend.