Return of the Weddoes!

By liz

Wow... The Wedding Present have reformed? The first single, INTERSTATE 5, is due to be released next Monday in the UK. INTERSTATE 5 is the first taste of the of the band in seven years and is a preview of a new album 'Take Fountain' that should see the light February 2005. The band's site on the reformation of the Wedding Present...

After calling what was intended to be a temporary halt to The Wedding Present in 1997, David Gedge embarked on a melodic strings and keyboard-driven project under the name Cinerama, as a duo with his then girlfriend Sally Murrell. Cinerama released their debut album, VA VA VOOM, in 1998 and swiftly became the sole creative output for Gedge's writing, recording and performing - but, by 2002's third album, TORINO, the sound was becoming darker in tone and more guitar driven and Cinerama had also taken to mixing the odd Wedding Present song into the live shows, further blurring the distinction between the bands. Around the same time, following the break up with his long-term girlfriend and musical partner, Sally, Gedge's personal life also entered a darker place, and he moved to Seattle and began writing a series of songs that were clearly influenced by his despair over the split. The resultant material was recorded in Chicago and Seattle by Steve Fisk, producer of The Wedding Present's 1994 LP, WATUSI, and will see Gedge revive The Wedding Present name for the first album since 1996's SATURNALIA.

In other David Gedge news, next week will also see the release of new Cinerama material... a 68 minute documentary that follows the band on the road. 'Get Up And Go' will be released in the US on Tuesday and includes concert footage, radio sessions and interviews while the band was on tour with 'Torino'.