Several Bands Get The Axe

By shane

Well, it's seemingly fall cleaning season with some of the major UK record labels, and this time round, an extraordinary number of bands have been dropped and left out in the cold. Many analysts agree that the current music climate has labels focusing on more pop-oriented acts and less on the indie scene, causing many familiar names to be dropped from label rosters. Left homeless this summer/fall include:

ARNOLD, who were dropped by the Creation label earlier this summer.

SHED SEVEN, who couldn't reach a deal with Polydor and quickly left the label.

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN, who were released from London Records this week following disappointing sales of their most recent material.

MONACO, the band assembled by New Order bassist Peter Hook, also dropped unceremoniously by London Records this week after completing their new record.

To our knowledge, all of the above bands are planning to continue and seek out new recording deals.