Stellastarr*/Killers - Live

By erin

It gets my back up when bands put on a lacklustre performance in the first third of their set, and then yell at the audience for not being engaged. Personally, I think that's cheating. If you have to yell at us to dance, or to come closer to the stage you're cutting corners.

I like The Killers, I really do. I was excited to see them, even at 9 pm on a Sunday night at the end of a weekend of shows and dancing and drinking. I was a bit disappointed though. It took them quite awhile to take the stage after The Evening from San Francisco. When they did, they broke out into "Mr Brightside" right away, but it was all over the place. Everyone sounded cold and stiff, and the vocals were way way too high. This was aggravated by the fact that he couldn't seem to understand that singing as loud as humanly possible is not the thing to do when you have a microphone. That's what they're for - amplification. I think there may have been a problem with the monitors, Stellstarr* were having trouble with them, but The Killers lack of experience made it ear-splitting.

The stage antics were contrived and embarrassing to watch. It was like they were practicing for the stadium shows in the future, but when it's Sunday night and there are 30 people in the audience it's a bit much. My friend leaned over when they were finished and said, "The word 'overwrought' comes to mind."

All that being said, it's obvious there's great potential there. They were still enjoyable, and there were at least ten people in the audience there to see them specifically. I would love to see them in a year.

Stellastarr* put on a great show. I like them, and I know their extra "r" and asterisk induces a weird intensity of hatred from lots of people, but I don't care. One less band with "The" in front of their name cancels it out I think. And the singer, *swoon*.

It says something when a band that relies on their lead vocalist, and the interplay between his croon and their female bass player's occasional back up, can keep us entertained through an instrumental. People actually danced through "Moongirl". Okay it's not completely an instrumental, but with the attention span most of us have it might as well be.

It was sad they didn't have much more of an audience to play to, but it was the TV on the Radio weekend for us in Vancouver, so I think Stellastarr* was forgotten in the hype machine. Selfishly I'm glad; it was a nice, mellow crowd of fans, just happy to hear their band rock out.