Strokes - Is This It?

By theajaysharma

If you listen to the UK press then the Stokes are the greatest band since.. umm... the last mediocre band that were hyped beyond belief. I'm trying to listen to the album and ignoring all that crap in the press but it's hard. Even the Stone Roses debut album wouldn't be able to live up to the hype that 'Is This It' is getting.

The Strokes debut is by far not a great album, it's just alright. If you're looking for something new and origional that it changes lives, then look elsewhere. If you're looking for 11 tracks that average 3 minutes long and are so damn catchy that it makes you sick, then you've found the album of the year!!
Let's just put it like this, I don't want to like the Strokes. I saw them open up for the Doves last year and they were just horrible. Then when the UK hype machine got started it pissed me off even more because there are so many other bands that deserve the attention these guys are getting. But after listening to the album twice, I'm running around work singing, "New York City Cops, New York City Cops, ain't too smart!" At least that I what I think it says, it's not like I went to their website to get the lyrics cause I hate them remember?

A lot of people are comparing them to that old 70's punk rock shit, I can respect that old stuff for changing the way music was made but it's been done. The Strokes aren't breaking any musical grounds, they just have a bunch of shitty super-catchy rockin' tracks. What a second, that sounds stupid, how can it be "shitty" and rockin' at the same time? I have NO idea. One this is for sure, this is the worst album I suggest you pick up this year.

Note: I just found out that 'New York City Cops' won't be on the US version of the album