Swervedriver Finally Splits Up (Maybe??)

By theajaysharma

SWERVEDRIVER's drummer Jez did a recent interview on Glamorama and pretty much said that Swervedriver is no more. The lead singer, Adam Franklin, always seems to dodge the question and leaves the door open to more Swervedriver records in the future. But in true Swervedriver style, Jez didn't quite put the nail in the coffin when he said, "I'd never say never." It's a great interview with Mike Kegler (the interviewer) asking if there's a possibility of a Swerve box set ala the recent Ride reissues plus a decent history of the band's constant record label problems. I used to run the official site, swervie.com, but now it just redirects to the wonderful www.swervedriver.com