By shane

On a slow news day, THIS made us laugh a lot:

The Associated Press is reporting this week that a female customer at a K-mart in Watertown, New York, picked up a Talking Teletubby doll, then promptly complained to management after believing that the stuffed Po, when squeezed, told her to "BITE MY BUTT, FAGGOT!" Obviously some people are a little more keen to Creative Teletubby Interpretation than others. We figure that trying to understand the dialogue of Teletubbies lies somewhere on the difficulty scale between (a) Liam Gallagher's stage banter and (b) Liz Frazer doing, well, anything. Any way you look at it (or listen to it, as the case may be) we're QUITE confident that we can announce that this year's UK Christmas #1 will NOT be, "Teletubbies Say 'Bite My Butt, Faggot.'"