Three Technology Stories in One

By shane

It's been a fairly rough and tumble week in the world of technology, and we've got three separate stories to report on:

First off, a judge this week issued an injunction blocking STREAMBOX from including technology on it's Ripper software that enables the user to save streaming audio files. RealAudio claimed it was a copyright violation, and that streaming audio files are not meant to be saved, and the judge agreed. Streambox is appealing.

Meanwhile, MP3.COM also unveiled new technology that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) didn't cotton to. The RIAA has filed suit against, claiming that their new features "Instant Listening Service" and "Beam-It" infringe upon current music copyright laws. The new technology works something like this: users insert an audio CD into their home CD-ROM drive, whereupon the CD is authenticated by servers. Once authenticated, if the CD is among's library of over 10,000 titles, the user can then listen to the album, free of charge, from the computer of their choice, provided they've proven earlier that they already "own" the album. In other words, if you've got a friend who owns hundreds of CD's, that friend could come over, stick 'em one at a time in your computer, and then you can listen to ANY of those albums at the computer of your choice anywhere you want. Obviously, this doesn't sit too well with the music industry. Currently, the technology remains available, but we'll see how much longer it remains a viable option for the thriving

Meanwhile, TICKETMASTER has announced today that is to begin offering services over its website where users can actually purchase and PRINT online tickets on their home PC printers. The online tickets will be encrypted with bar codes that can be authenticated at the venue. Ticketmaster is claiming they are ready for the switch at any time, but the venues need to procure the necessary bar code reading technology before the plan can be initiated. No more waiting in the "Will Call" line, but you'd better make sure you've got a fresh ribbon and no paper jams!