Verve 'Best of' Coming Soon

By theajaysharma

There was a blurb in the London tabloid, The Sun, yesterday that mentioned a possible VERVE compilation to be released this fall. NME confirmed the story today and narrowed down the release date to October of this year. This is all according to a spokesperson for Richard Ashcroft. The tracklisting hasn't been confirmed but I'm a huge Verve fan (having run the Verve Universe site for nine years) and have compiled my "dream" compilation below...

One Way To Go
Man Called Sun
She's A Superstar
Gravity Grave (extended version)
Slide Away
The Sun, The Sea
No Come Down
Where the Geese Go
On Your Own (Acoustic version taken from the Blue promo disc)
Grey Skies
The Longest Day
Weeping Willow
This Time

Running Time: 79 minutes, 20 seconds.

Getting your favorite Verve songs under 80 minutes is pretty tough. This can easily be expanded into a 2CD set.