Welcome Back Mr. Shields

By shane

Start looking out your windows for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse, as KEVIN SHIELDS, former frontman of My Bloody Valentine, has re-surfaced with his first non-instrumental solo track since the days of "Loveless."

The reclusive guitarist was coerced by Sofia Coppola and the team behind her new flick, "Lost in Translation," to contribute new material for the soundtrack. The result is one new song with vocals, a couple more new instrumentals, and a My Bloody Valentine classic on the record.

NPR actually got Shields to sit down for a brief interview this week (gasp), and they've got it online to hear on their site. Check it out HERE.

For those of you unfamiliar with Shelds' work, well.. well, first off, you should be slapped silly until you head to the nearest record store and grab a copy of "Loveless." But anyways, this is officially a BIG DEAL, as the elusive Shields only seems to come out of his reclusion when Bobby Gillespie fires up the Primal Scream machine (Shields played live with the Scream on their last tour.) In certain circles, this would be bigger news than Richie Manic turning up in Iowa or Syd Barrett releasing an album of standards. Even though the track with vocals is only about three minutes long, it's gorgeous and just what the doctor ordered to start a lazy autumn.