WOXY Goes Off the Air

By theajaysharma

The hugly popular Internet indie radio station, WOXY.com, has gone off the air yesterday at 10 am EST.  They have run out of funding and it isn't the first time the station has been in trouble.  In 2004 the station had to shut down only to be revived by "anonymous investors".  It's a sad day but I can understand the problems.  There are just so many choices to listen to music online that it's very difficult to get an audience.  I rarely tuned into woxy.com since I had pandora, my ipod, or the ton of other shoutcast stations.  Right now I'm syncing up MP3's from my house using a dropbox folder.

Below is a short documentary on the station (via PopCandy):

WOXY DOC from Zachary Herche on Vimeo.